Help Save New Jersey's Most Declining Bird!


Northern Bobwhite populations declined by 82% between 1966 and 2010, one of the most dramatic declines in the U.S. In New Jersey the species is believed to be functionally extinct with the possibility of some birds still existing in southwestern NJ. Shifts in farming practices, along with the loss of farmland and young forest habitat are the primary causes of the decline. In order to save this native species we must restore large tracts of quality habitat and reintroduce the birds. New Jersey Audubon is leading a unique partnership to restore Northern Bobwhite quail to New Jersey!

We need your help to reintroduce Northern Bobwhite back into our Pinelands. We have the opportunity and the know-how, but we need your support. With your support, New Jersey Audubon will reintroduce wild Northern Bobwhite over the next three years and oversee their monitoring and management. One goal of this plan is to offer a model for habitat management for Northern Bobwhite that can be replicated in other areas of New Jersey, particularly in the Pinelands.

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